Comprehensive Patent Search

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To begin, a patentability search allows you to determine the patentability of an invention before filing for patent protection. The patentability search report assists a client in making the final decision on whether to file for patent registration. Furthermore, patentability assessment aids in the creation of a patent specification by emphasizing the true novelty of the invention. The report is a comprehensive search report that cites similar patents and relevant literature to help determine the likelihood of granting a patent to an invention. Furthermore, the report expresses an opinion on the specifics of the invention that can be patented as well as the scope of protection that would be granted.

Before filing for a patent, an inventor/applicant should determine whether a similar invention already exists in the prior art. Patenting an invention necessitates financial investment as well as dedicated effort and time. To ensure that resources are not wasted, one should evaluate the patentability of one’s invention. A patentability evaluation would assist the inventors in determining whether the costs of applying for a patent would be justified. A patentability search evaluates an invention’s patentability by evaluating the three basic elements required for seeking patent protection, namely novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness. Aside from these elements, it also determines whether similar inventions are available in the prior art.

Brealant conducts patent searches in subscribed patent databases that cover patents from all over the world. A domain-specific literature search is also carried out. The patentability search report includes citations to relevant patent/prior art documents as well as our detailed analysis of them. Our detailed opinion on the patentability of the invention is also provided. Electronic copies of the patents are also provided for our client’s review. Within 5 -7 days, the results of a patentability search report are provided.