Utility Model Patent

Utility Model Patent


A utility model is an intellectual property right to protect a type of inventions. This right is available for use in the Philippines. It is very similar to the patent, but usually has a shorter term (7 years in the Philippines), a faster application process, and less stringent patentability requirements. Utility models can be described as second-class patents.

A utility model is a statutory monopoly granted for a limited time in exchange for an inventor providing sufficient description of his or her invention to permit a person (of ordinary skill in the relevant art) to perform or replicate the invention. The rights conferred by utility model laws are very similar to those granted by patent laws, but are more suited to what may be considered as “incremental inventions”. Other terms such as “petty patent”, “innovation patent”, “minor patent”, and “small patent” may also be used to describe a “utility model”.

The Philippines excludes particular subject matter from utility model protection, such as methods, plants and animals are normally barred from utility model protection.  A utility model is an excellent choice for inventors that are on a budget. 

It it quite fast to apply for a utility model, and we normally can complete the application in about 2 weeks. In general it takes about 6 months for your utility model application to be examined and the report to be issued (either granted or additional questions).