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Comprehensive Patent Search

A comprehensive patent search is a term used for an exhaustive search. This is very useful when applying for a patent as you can be sure that most intellectual property offices will also do this. The most common reason to conduct a comprehensive prior art patent search is to make sure no other similar invention already exists.  

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Global Patents

In today’s technology-driven sector, patents are beginning to play an increasingly important role. Patenting activities are seen to be directly related to an organization’s inventive strength. The Patent provides an incentive to develop new and improved technology. Brealant offers Patent protection in a number of different countries. Primarily we offer USA, EU, and PCT.  

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Office Action Responses

Brealant helps clients in drafting office action responses for their patent applications. Our team of highly skilled techno-legal professionals has extensive experience in not only drafting superior responses but also in negotiating the scope of the claims with the examiners. Responding to a Patent Office Action, investigating Objected/Allowable Claims, and more. 

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Patent Search and Analytic

A patent search can be used for a variety of reasons, including determining the patentability of an invention, examining product launch risks, and learning about the landscape of a certain technology. Our search services portfolio has been designed to serve the entire patent life cycle from conceptualization to commercialization.

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Drafting, filing, and registration of patents

A patent specification is a document that encompasses an invention and defines the scope of protection granted to it through claims. Claims, with proper support from the specification and the way in which it is constructed, play a crucial role in establishing the metes and bounds of an invention.  

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