How To Choose A Patent Annuity Service?

Innovative patent annuity services combine an IP service provider’s productivity and administrative advantages with the supervision and legal counsel of a seasoned patent attorney company. Contact us to learn more or to get a price quotation.

A global network of trustworthy agents and cutting-edge technology is necessary for the yearly renewal of patent rights. Customers may rest easy knowing that their patent portfolios are being managed securely and affordably, thanks to Brealant patent renewal services.

Three methods for preserving patents

There are three significant ways for patent owners to administer and maintain their rights. The decision is heavily influenced by variables, including the company’s resources, the size of its patent portfolio, and the number of international applications.

  1. Personally Manage: The individual patentee or internal designated person oversees PTO correspondence and the payment of all patent annuities.
  2. Legal Counsel: An attorney or attorneys are engaged by a legal firm to administer the patent annuity, and they keep track of and inform the patentee of all fees and due dates.
  3. Patent Annuity Service Provider: Contract with a third-party service provider specializing in maintaining patents globally.

The employment of patent annuity service providers has been more popular over the past 10 years. This includes law firms stepping away from managing patent annuities and directing clients to companies that offer specialized services.

Why work with us?

Due to our extensive presence worldwide and storied history in our industry, we can provide for our clients:

  • An extensive range of patent maintenance services, from automatic payments to case-by-case reminders, enabling you to choose the best level of service for your budget and requirements;
  • A transparent fixed-fee cost structure that includes all portfolio management and data-updating tasks associated with the renewals process;
  • Complimentary integrity check to validate patent data, ensuring accurate and reliable integration into our patent renewal management software;
  • 24/7 access to patent  activities via our dedicated online portal, including the ability to send instructions;annuity
  • Access to our worldwide network of efficient and cost-effective agents; and

The support of our dedicated renewal departments, whenever or however you need it.

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