Patent Drafting, Filing And Registration


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Patent Drafting

A patent specification, particularly claims, is critical in defining the scope and extent of an invention’s protection. The way a specification is written frequently defines the metes and bounds of an invention. A strong technological background, knowledge of patent law developments, experience in prosecuting patent applications and litigation, and craftsmanship in making the disclosure all have an impact on the quality of a draught.

Our team of highly qualified, expert patent attorneys, who have a strong technology background and have drafted hundreds of patents, collaborate closely with inventors to write patent specifications. Our commitment to assisting clients in obtaining strong patents is backed up by our determination to assist them in developing a strong patent portfolio to further their business interests. Our team’s international experience, combined with technological foresight, enables us to provide unrivaled drafting services to clients in the United States, Europe, and around the world.

Our Services includes:

  • Provisional specification draft
  • Non-provisional specification draft
  • Complete specification draft
  • Pct application draft
  • Patent draft vetting and review
  • Claims drafting
  • Preparation of drawings
  • Specification preparation
  • Specification formatting
  • National phase draft preparation

Patent Filing & Registration

The filing of a patent is the first step in the patent process. The process is known as the constructive reduction of an invention to practice. Though the patent filing process is largely procedural, it is a critical step that necessitates expertise, attention, care, and speed. Furthermore, the options available under patent law, both nationally and internationally, necessitate careful consideration and a strategic approach to patent filing.

Our team of highly qualified patent attorneys collaborates closely with clients to develop and implement appropriate filing strategies based on the client’s needs. Our experience handling hundreds of patent applications, attention to detail, international reach, and cutting-edge patent tools enable us to provide high-quality patent filing services all over the world. We assist our clients in maximizing the business benefit of their patent filings by strategizing filings, optimizing budgets, planning international entry, and expediting processes.

Our Services includes:

  • Direct patent filing
  • Convention patent filing
  • National phase patent filing
  • Foreign patent filing
  • International patent filing
  • Patent renewal filing
  • Patent application preparation
  • Assignment drafting & filing
  • Convention patent filing
  • Pct patent filing