Patent Search and Analytic


₱ Price dependent on project

A Patent Technology Landscape analysis assists our client in understanding the market for a specific technology, the most recent developments in that technology, and the strengths of its competitors. Understanding the technology domain of our client’s interest necessitates an exhaustive search and detailed analysis of documents (patent and non-patent literature) at Brealant.

A patent portfolio analysis is performed to identify a company’s patents and patent applications. The portfolio included both issued patents and patent applications that had been published. Brealant performs a detailed portfolio analysis based on your request to provide you with a complete picture of your portfolio.

Patent watch and alert services can be divided into two types: technology-based watch services and competitor-based watch services. The patent watch services can be tailored to your specific requirements. Brealant provides patent watch search reports based on client needs and provides cost-effective and high-quality patent watch and alert services to keep our clients up to date on recent developments in their field of interest.

Prior art analysis is essential for determining the status of technology in relation to advancement in the field. The prior art analysis is carried out with the specific goal of obtaining closely relevant prior art, patents, and/or published patent applications that are equivalent to the specific technology. At Brealant, we believe that both the context of the search and the search methodology is equally important. The analysis report includes citations to the relevant patent/prior art documents, as well as our detailed analysis of them.

  • Brealant can help you in:
  • Patent Landscape
  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Patent Watch
  • Prior Art Analysis