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With a multi-faceted R&D team of professionals and lawyers, the Intellectual Property practice vertical in Brealant is equipped to provide comprehensive services to clients. 

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Utility Model

A “minor invention”
6 – 12 months for approva An improvement on existing patent(s) Pros: Fast, low cost, easily approved Cons: Only 7 years of protection

Small Tactics

Invention Patent

An invention including the “inventive step” 2 – 3 years period to approval Pros: For all types of products, valid 20 years, no prior art required Cons: More expensive, slow, annual fees

Promises Plan

Industrial Design

Registration of a design
6 – 12 months period to approval Pros: Great to protect a product design from copying Cons: Only a small design change can allow someone to copy

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Patent registration in the Philippines

Brealant team is made up of experts in their respective technical fields who have also had exposure to patent law in several jurisdictions. The team has a combined expertise of almost 7 years in patents. With this team structure, an innovation in a certain domain is handled by one or more of our patent attorneys who are experts in that domain, assuring a quality-based approach.


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No matter what kind of patent you need, Brealant has got your assets covered. 1, 2, 3…

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A comprehensive patent search is a term used for an exhaustive search. This is very useful when applying for patent

Brealant offers patent registration in a number of different venues. Primarily we offer USA, EU, and PCT.

Responding to a Patent Office Action, investigating Objected/Allowable Claims, Office Action Review and Responses for WIPO, and more.

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